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Series of works: Revealing deep secrets of deep water

Material: silver, enamel, thread
Year: 2021

In my series of works “Revealing deep secrets of deep water” I am inspired by impressionists, particularly water on their paintings which is a mystery for me. It consists of secrets; you can look into the water, but you cannot really see what is happening on the bottom or what wonderful creatures are hidden there. Water attracts and scares at the same time!

Water reflects reality but it is still vague, not clear. It allows to imagine and construct your own world. Water contains different colors if you look closely. Through the Impressionist paintings I see water with a different exciting perspective.

To be able to catch colours, transparency, mystique of the water my immediate choice of material was to work with metal, i.e. silver. It allows to create different shapes, volume, structure and depth of waves, that reminds brushstrokes on paintings. I was able to hammer, chase and repousse to achieve shape and form of water, of its movement.

Silver reflects light in a way impressionist painted water. Enamel cooperates with silver in a way that metal gives this mysterious transparency to water that I am trying to achieve on my silver canvas. No other metal would collaborate better with enamel to achieve water effect!