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I am water, I am peace (2021)

Wearable sculpture
Fabric, acrylics, hanger

Water fascinates and attracts me, it gives me a feeling of peace, calmness, and serenity which I am desperate for right now. It is still a pandemic; the virus is still out there. I am in search of recreating this sense through a jewelry object, through a wearable sculpture.

Is it possible that a jewelry object can generate a specific feeling? How this connection between jewelry object/wearable sculpture and feelings can be created?


The piece “I am water, I am peace” creates an atmosphere of serenity and calmness as if I am embraced by water as if I am back to lovely summer memories from my childhood. The power of water gives me the feeling I have been searching for.

Being in the grey gloomy cold weather, being surrounded just by wearable sculpture like a jacket, something happens, the magic happens. I experience peace and calmness. There is the same sense of warmth and freshness as if it is summer and I am on my first-morning swim in the sea. It is always special, right?

Through the object I feel peace and serenity, I become one with the object.

I unite with nature through the object, through the water.

I am water, I am peace.