Daria Edström

Contemporary Jewelry and Art

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Series of works: Les Fleurs de La Douleur

Material: steel, enamel
Year: 2023

"Les Fleurs de La Douleur" is a group of steel sculptures that mix delicate enamel with tough metal, exploring movement by creating a body of jewelry that encapsulates time. Steel, recognized for its industrial might, including its role in bullet production, is carefully shaped into fragile-looking flowers and leaves. This process shows how existence can become vulnerable by exposure to the hammer of life. The gentle, strong flowers represent enduring resilience and delicate beauty, mirroring the intricate dance of light and shadow, fragility and strength, beauty and decay—elements that define our world.

"Les Fleurs de La Douleur" captures the essence of movement, color, and the spirit of impressionism. It's a capture of a fleeting moment in time, acknowledging its temporary nature and ephemerality. The delicate interplay of elements within these bodies of work stands as a statement to the impermanence that defines our existence.